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Recently there has been a fake Firefox update page (see below) has been floating around the web. This page not only tells the user they are running an out-dated version of Firefox, but that they need to update Adobe Flash Player as well. There is a link to “update” Adobe Flash Player but this is actually a malicious link:

The download starts automatically. Save and run it and you get a rogue antivirus product named “SecurityTool” which starts finding threats which aren’t there and demanding payment in order to remove them.

Fake Firefox Update Screen

With the recent increase in Firefox updates (especially for Firefox 3.6) it is easy for users to get mislead into thinking there is a new update. Some tips to protect yourself against fake update notices:

  • Update notifications are normally delivered via a pop-up window not a web page
  • Use the Check For Updates… feature under the Help Menu if you are unsure about an ‘update notice’. If there is an update available you will get the pop-up window as described above.
  • Mozilla has an official site where you can check to make sure your plugins (such as Flash Player) are up to date: The browser normally does not alert you to out-dated plugins.
  • Current release information is posted on the main site ( and is usually update within a few hours of the new releases. We always post a blog entry for any new releases (including the current developmental version). Also we publish a weekly Release Recap every Saturday morning.

Thanks to Gareon for posting this alert at Go Firefox!

Source: PC Magazine


After my earlier Firefox Lorentz Beta Released post, I noticed something didn’t seem quite right with my Firefox nightly build. For one thing I had not seen the Mozilla Runtime Environment (mozilla-runtime.exe) kicking in for Flash sites. I also kept noticing that every time I would get an update offer I was being informed Chrome Edit Plus add-on was not compatible and would be disabled. Also each time thought I had updated when Firefox restarted I would get an updated noticed for 3.6.4pre but when I went to install I would get an error about not being able to find the license. Checking in Help and About Namoroka still showed the 3.6.3pre nightly from around March 24th.

No matter how many times I tried to apply the update to 3.6.4pre and restarted Firefox, it would not apply. At first I thought may be Comodo Firewall was blocking the installation but my Shredder (Thunderbird 3 developmental) updates were being installed just fine. Okay, crossed the firewall off the list of suspects. Next thought was may be the Chrome Edit Plus extension was not getting disabled and this somehow was preventing the update from installing. From within the add-ons manager, went ahead and disabled the extension then restarted Firefox. Once again tried to apply the update without success.

Okay at this point it must have had something to do with that particular nightly build (the joys of nightly builds). I really didn’t want spend a bunch of time looking through old posts in the mozillaZine Firefox Builds forum so I would try one more thing. I downloaded Firefox 3.6.3 then closed Firefox. Went into the Windows Control Panel to uninstall, but this install was not listed. So into Windows Explorer and manually removed this Firefox 3.6 nightly install. Installed Firefox 3.6.3 and then did a check for updates. Since my profile was still intact and my update channel is ‘nightly’, got offered the latest nightly for 3.6.4pre. After installing the update then restarting, I saw a screen I have not seen in a long time, ‘updates are being installed’ screen. Well, that was a good sign. Further Comodo was throwing an alert firefox.exe has changed, another good sign. Once Firefox restarted, I knew things were good when I saw in the title bar Lorentz and About Lorentz shows in the Help Menu.

Upon entering my WordPress Dashboard which has a flash applet for blog traffic, mozilla-runtime.exe kicked in (with a warning from Comodo Firewall). Also, the title bar and the border around the Firefox application have turned blue. I took a look in System Explorer and saw underneath firefox.exe was the mozilla-runtime.exe and like Percy mentioned on average it is using about an additional 10% of the memory Firefox is using.

Still have no idea why I was stuck on that old nightly. I did take brief look around in the mozillaZine Firefox Builds forum to see if this was a common problem. Apparently not. Did find an interesting thread with an explanation for name change from Namoroka to Lorentz.

Firefox 3.5 Renaissance Wallpapers/Persona

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2009 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Fx 3.5, Links, Mozilla News

Within the web today, a browsing transformation is underway.  We’re seeing constant advancement from the static browsing Middle Ages of old and the ushering in of a new Modern Era of openness, speed and security.

–Sean Martell

Mozilla’s Sean Martell has created a Da Vinci-esque A Web Browser Renaissance wallpaper. You can get either a 4:3 ratio widescreen version (2560px × 1600px) or fullscreen version (1600px × 1200px). The same design is also available as a Persona skin.


Mozilla Holiday Graphics

Posted: Friday, December 19, 2008 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Fx 3.0, Links, Other

Ken Saunders has created Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla snow globes. All three designs come in either a static PNG or animated (Firefox 3 or Opera 9.5) PNG format; choose from 125×125 or 200×200; with or without Happy Holidays.

More Firefox themed holiday decorations including wall papers and ornaments can be found at All graphics are available for PC, Mac or Linux.

Camino Foxkeh Firefox
SeaMonkey Sunbird Thunderbird

Source: Mozilla Links

Posted: Thursday, August 7, 2008 by El Guru in Google, Links, Other

Finally having a chance to go through the Contact Us mail-box and was sent a tip about the site The site allows you to a highly customizable search for patents and chemicals patents (requires you to have a free account.) You can download the documents in PDF format. Search options include:

  • US Patents
  • Patent Applications
  • European Parliament (EP) documents
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)/ Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
  • Abstracts of Japan

The only other Patent Search I’ve used before was the Google Patent Search (Beta).

Tip Souce: James

Firefox 3 Takes 21st & Flock 6th

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by El Guru in Browsers, Firefox, Fx 3.0, Links, Mozilla News, Other

Firefox 3 has taken the honour of taking 21st place in PC World’s: The 100 Best Products of 2008 Award. Unlike Thunderbird, the review for Firefox 3 is a little more current, even if it is for Beta 1 (release November 2007).

On an interesting side note, Flock took 6th place and was the top in the browser category. Flock is based off of Firefox 2 with the integration of several social networking and other web services.

News Source: Mozilla Links

Microsoft/Yahoo: The Blame Game

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2008 by El Guru in Blogs, Links, Microsoft, Yahoo

Microsoft’s Ballmer and Yahoo’s Yang are pointing fingers at each other, blaming the other for the failed merger. With Yahoo’s stock dropping some 14% ($4.30 per share), Yang told Reuters today:

We were negotiating a way to find common ground and then on Saturday they chose to walk away… They started it and they walked away.

Ballmer stated on Saturday with his letter withdrawing the bid, he was disappointed that Yahoo! would not accept their $33 per share offer up from the initial $31 per share offer from back in January:

In our conversations this week, we conveyed our willingness to raise our offer to $33.00 per share, reflecting again our belief in this collective opportunity. This increase would have added approximately another $5 billion of value to your shareholders, compared to the current value of our initial offer. It also would have reflected a premium of over 70 percent compared to the price at which your stock closed on January 31. Yet it has proven insufficient, as your final position insisted on Microsoft paying yet another $5 billion or more, or at least another $4 per share above our $33.00 offer.

Yang says Yahoo! is still leaving the door open for Microsoft:

If they have anything new to say, we would be open … I am more than willing to listen.

Let’s put things this into perspective:

  • Yahoo’s stock closed at $24.37 per share today
  • January 31st, the day before Microsoft made the offer, Yahoo’s stock had closed at $19.18 per share
  • February 1st, the day of the Microsoft offer, Yahoo’s stock jumped up 47% to close at $28.38 per share
  • Given the Yahoo! share holders are not happy with Yang, chances are the stock is going to continue to fall as the week progresses. Some analysts project it could go as low as $20 per share or less [U.S. News & World Reports]
  • $33 or even the initial $31 per share offer (which would have been 72% and 61% higher than the January 31st close) would have been a great deal
  • Should Microsoft choose to come back around, it is pretty sure sign their offer is going to be much lower this time. Further if Yahoo’s stock keeps dropping it could turn into Microsoft bailing out Yahoo!

Microsoft’s stock faired well today, only dropping 16¢ per share to close at $29.08 per share.

News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog