Firefox 3.7 going to Beta as Firefox 4.0

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.7, Fx 4.0, Mozilla News

Once again Mozilla has renumbered a future release in mid-build. They did this last year with Firefox 3.1 which became 3.5 with Beta 4 release in April. Firefox 3.7 has been renumbered as Firefox 4 with the upcoming Beta 1 release possibly as early as June 2010. Release Candidate 1 could be released as early as October 2010 which means we could see Firefox 4 released around Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Whilst on the subject of Firefox 3.7/4.0, there is currently not a code name assigned to this build. They have been labeled as Mozilla Developer Preview.

  1. […] Firefox 3.7a5 is now on the list but as TBD. As you may recall Firefox 3.7 was going into the beta builds as Firefox 4.0, so this really is odd. I’ll check again Friday night when I get ready to post the Weekly […]

  2. […] officiel. Mozilla Firefox 3.7 a vécu, bienvenue à Mozilla Firefox 4.0. La béta 1 est prévue pour courant juin, la RC1 pour octobre prochain. Donc, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 […]

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