Access Blocked Stuff on The Web

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2010 by gareon in Add-ons, Browsers, Tips & Tweaks

“The web is a generally free place, but some sites and services want to
make it annoying to navigate and enjoy. Stream any video you’d like,
see the sites you need, and get at services you thought were down with
these tips.”
10. Skip Past Annoying User/Pass Requests
9. Read Articles That Rupert Murdoch Wants You Paying For
8. Change User Agents to Get Around Browser Blocks
7. Get to Gmail When It’s Down
6. Get Actually Usable BitTorrent Speeds
5. Get To Sites Taken Down by Traffic
4. Control Computers At Home
3. Download YouTube and Other Flash Videos
2. Access Country-Blocked Streaming TV
1. Roll Your Own Proxy to Access Blocked Sites

Source:  Lifehacker


  1. Anelly says:

    Best way to get around blocked websites is to use a VPN service or a proxy service. The best I know are ibVPN and IP Privacy:

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