JAVA Development Toolkit Plug-in Blocked

Posted: Saturday, April 17, 2010 by El Guru in Blogs, Browsers, Firefox, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Fx 3.5, Fx 3.6, Fx 3.7, Mozilla News

As mentioned earlier today there is an Important JAVA Update available for all platforms, but more importantly for people using 32-bit versions of Windows. Now, Mozilla is blocking the JAVA Development Toolkit versions and older. The reason is due to a security voluntarily as described in Bug 558584. Firefox users with this version(s) of the plug-in installed with see a dialog box informing them the plug-in has been blocked and to restart the browser so it can be disabled.

Most Firefox users are not going to miss this plugin as it is used for developing JAVA Applications. As long as you have JAVA Version 6 Update 20 installed you can still use web based JAVA applications.

This is also a good time to remind folks that Mozilla has a Plug-in Checker. This browser side tool currently check these plug-ins (some users may have more) and provides a direct link to obtain an update (if needed):

  • Shockwave Director
  • QuickTime
  • JAVA
  • Shockwave Flash
  1. […] unless you are JAVA developer, there is really no reason to have this extension (much like the JAVA Development Toolkit Plug-in). I found the thread Question about Java and Firefox on DSL which provided a couple […]

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