Firefox in 2010

Posted: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Fx 3.6, Fx 3.7, Fx 4.0, Mozilla News

Hard to believe we’re only a couple days from 2010. So what does that mean for Firefox? For starters, Firefox 3.6 will NOT be released in 2009 (no big surprise here). Now for 2010 things are going to get a bit interesting:

  • Firefox 3.6 (Gecko 1.9.2)  — Early January 2010
  • Firefox 3.7  “Lorentz” (Gecko 1.9.3)  — March 2010 to Mid 2010

    • Mulit-Process Plugins (Out of process plugins (OOPP), or the ability to run browser plugins (like Flash, Silverlight, Gears) on their own process to enhance stability and prevent application crashes when a plugin goes belly up)
    • Unintrusive Updater (Updates which don’t interrupt the user)
    • More responsive UI
    • Better startup time
  • Firefox 4 Preview — Late Q2 2010

    • Jetpack
    • Weave
    • UI Revisions
    • Integrated Developer Tools
  • Firefox 4 Final – Mid Q4 2010

More information can be found:

Source: Mozilla Links

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