First Run Firefox 3.6b1 & Microsoft .NET Framework

Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2009 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.6, Microsoft, Mozilla News

While I did download the Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 release last night, I have finally got around to getting it installed. My system has been a bit problematic for the better part of the day. I also was having some issues with FEBE as well, but those seemed to be related to my profile which I had carried over from Firefox…well I have no idea what Firefox version I started this profile with. I’ve got all my add-ons, passwords, bookmarks and a couple other (except I don’t think my about:config settings carry) items backed up ready to import. So with the first run of Firefox 3.6b1 I was presented with this splash/welcome page:


Now a couple things I discovered as well on this first run. Persona is already built-in so all you need to do is follow the link and pick what you want your Firefox wants to wear. I say built-in as it is not an installed add-on. However I discovered a couple surprising things when I went to the add-ons manager, Google Gears was already installed (though not compatible with Firefox 3.6 Beta 1). However, I was shocked to discover the Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant add-on was pending install (after restart). WTF! It is already installed as version 0.0.0! First off I thought Mozilla had block that add-on and further is a clean install of Firefox with a new profile. I canceled the pending install and disabled the one that is installed.

  1. Frz says:

    Why do you think that Mozilla had blocked the .Net Framework Assistant? Technically you are correct, they had it blocked, they unblocked it, end of story.

  2. alexsupra says:

    to avoid the problems with firefox profile migration its necessary to avoid using of febe. thats absolutly useless extension cause browser settings, all installed extensions and their settings can be saved simply by saving mozilla firefox user profile folder at %appdata%.

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  4. FireFox browser is better
    Thank you

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