Mozilla Project Weekly Status: October 5, 2009

Posted: Monday, October 5, 2009 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.5, Fx 3.6, Mozilla News


  • Jorge in MozCamp Chile for the next two days
  • 51% of add-ons are compatible with Fx 3.6, time to start testing with 3.6, more info coming soon


  • Firefox 3.0.15 / Firefox 3.5.4
    • mostly on track for October 21 releases
    • need to take at least two more fixes before starting builds
    • ETA for “go to build” tomorrow morning, possibly not until Wednesday
  • Namoroka (Firefox 3.6)
    • Code freeze targeted for this week (check the Tuesday engineering or Wednesday product meetings for details).
    • Personas support now live in 3.6 nightlies – check it out at


  • Gecko 1.9.2
    • The CrashKill meeting will repeat today at 3pm. Watch dev.planning for the announcement. Last week we covered the top 25 crashes, assigned individual developers when needed, and started directed outreach to binary extension and plug-in vendors who are causing crashes.
    • Blockers:
      • P1: 17
      • P2: 89
      • P3: 0
      • Other: 3
    • Team blocker numbers:
      • Layout: 20
      • Content: 16
      • GFX: 8
      • JS: 36


  • TBird 3.0RC1 (Shredder)

Complete Meeting Notes


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