Firefox 3.6 about:support

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2009 by El Guru in Add-ons, Firefox, Fx 3.6, Mozilla News

A new feature now live on the Firefox 3.6 nightlies is about:support. This feature lists important information about your Firefox installation that will help support people help with problems you may have in the future. This provides a lot of similar information that the InfoLister extension provided. However, unlike InfoLister, a button allows you to copy all the information to the clipboard and paste to an email, forum, chat window, etc.

Source: Mozilla Links

  1. SLS says:

    Hello Guru,

    I recently started using Thunderbird and it’s great. However I’ve been getting these popups whenever I reply to a message asking me how I would like to send the email.

    Here’s a picture of the popup:

  2. SLS says:

    Sorry I didn’t finish my post.

    I was wondering how I could turn this popup notification off or set it to always send in “Plain Text and HTML”. I know I’m making it more difficult than it should be.

    Tips would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Guru ^^

    • SLS says:

      I knew I was making it more difficult than it really was. I figured it out.

      For anyone else that might need this though:

      Click on Tools > Options > Send Options (bottom right corner)

      In the drop down menu under “Text Format” click on the setting you desire.

      NOTE: This is for Windows. Should be somewhat similar in Mac though.

  3. FireFox browser is better
    Thank you

  4. Keith Smith says:

    I upgraded to Firefox 3.6 two weeks ago. When I double click on the Firefox icon I cant see the window. When I right click the icon in the status bar it says Firefox already running yet I still see no window. When I uninstall Firefox 3.6 and reinstall it the window appears until I shutdown the computer. When I restart the computer and double click the Firefox icon no window. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get the window back. Please help.

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