Firefox 3.5.2 Released

Posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Fx 3.5, Mozilla News, Releases

Firefox 3.5.2 was released on August 3rd. This release addresses 3 security vulnerabilities, 2 labeled as critical by Mozilla that were disclosed last week at BlackHat /Defcon security conferences. Among stability improvements, it also brings proper ICC profiles rendering.

Auto-updates should be occurring in the next 24-48 hours, otherwise users may get the latest update by going to Help menu and selecting Check For Updates. Also, a reminder from Mozilla Developer Network, If you’re still using Firefox 2.0.0.x, this version is no longer supported and contains known security vulnerabilities. Please upgrade to Firefox 3.5 by downloading Firefox 3.5.2 from

Source: Mozilla Links

  1. Mr. Shawn says:

    On my Windows XP notebook computer there were no problems, but on my Windows Vista desktop the update dumped all my bookmarks.

  2. DanielV says:

    Heh… even at that Vista sux.

  3. Steve says:

    Actually, the same has happened to me and I use XP Pro….this is Firefox’s problem…not Microsoft’s

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