Mozilla Project Weekly: June 22, 2009

Posted: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by El Guru in 2, 3 (Shredder), Firefox, Fx 3.0, Fx 3.5, Fx 3.6, Mozilla News, Thunderbird


  • 13k Collections made since launch
  • 81% Compatibility
  • Extend Firefox Contest
  • Nick Nguyen speaking this week FISL in Brazil


  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • Missed blockers for code freeze a week ago
    • Still trying to get in a couple more
    • Pushing out release by one week due to blockers missing code freeze
  • Firefox 3.5
    • first version of the RC went to 800,000 beta testers on Monday
    • second version of the RC went live on Friday afternoon PDT
    • will make ship/no-ship evaluation on Wednesday of this week
    • still on target for last week of June
  • Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)


  • Gecko 1.9.1
    • Dan Witte now full time! He’s initially working with Taras on static analysis.
    • Check out Chris Jones’ post on a very raw demo of our ongoing multi-process browser work. This work completes Phase I, and we’re really excited to see such great progress so quickly.
    • Last week, Andreas Gal, David Anderson, and David Mandelin were in Dublin for PLDI to present their paper Trace-based Just-in-Time Type Specialization for Dynamic Languages, which describes some of the guts of TraceMonkey, the new Javascript engine and a key feature of Firefox 3.5.
    • Oh, and no new blockers holding the release. So far.


  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder)
    • GloDa search work in bug 474701 ongoing; final big chunk should land soon, defaulted off. Plan is still to reset 3.0b3 dates after it’s been defaulted on for a few days.
    • Compact message header removed from core in order to make room for better/more polished remaining message header.

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