Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2009-04-13

Posted: Monday, April 13, 2009 by El Guru in Firefox


  • 5.0.4 release last thursday
    • Removing experimental flag got coverage in lifehacker comments are 100% positive; unprecedented milestone in the history of tech blogging.
    • downloads since change are consistently up week over week for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday post launch by around 5%, will continue to see if trend continues
    • new registrations on site down 80% (which is expected and positive)
  • 5.0.5 underway
    • for Q2 overview
    • Category page redesign
    • editor reports
    • New Developer Agreement/source code license
  • Compatibility Update
    • 86% compatible with some version of 3.1
    • 68% compatible with 3.1b3 and above


  • Firefox 3.0.9
    • On track for beta release this Wednesday
    • Planning on shipping final on Tuesday or Wednesday next week
  • Firefox 3.0.10
    • Aiming for mid-late May release
    • Code freeze in 9 days
  • Final major update for Firefox 2.0.0.x
    • Looking at issuing a final major update for Firefox
    • Planning for shortly after 3.0.9
    • More details this week
  • Firefox 3.5
    • Firefox Front End Work
    • Firefox 3.5 Beta 4
        • we are string frozen
        • code freeze Wednesday April 15th
        • release late in week of April 20th




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