Microsoft/Yahoo: Microsoft in Talks Again?

Posted: Saturday, November 29, 2008 by El Guru in Blogs, Microsoft, Other, Yahoo

While nothing official has been released by Microsoft, The Times of London is reporting Microsoft Corp. has resumed its pursuit of Yahoo in a deal that could cost the Redmond-based company $20 billion, less than half of what it offered for the search site this summer.

Microsoft has put forward Jonathan Miller, ex-chairman and chief executive of AOL, and Ross Levinsohn, a former president of Fox Interactive Media, to lead a new management team at Yahoo under a 10-year agreement. Microsoft would have a two-year option to buy Yahoo outright for $20 billion. The report also says senior management at both companies “have agreed (to) the broad terms of a deal, but there is no guarantee that it will succeed.”

Now I am confused..Ballmer just got through saying about a week and half ago, “We are done with all acquisition discussions with Yahoo.” Again, no official response yet for Microsoft and there likely won’t be any until Monday.

News Source: The Microsoft Blog


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