‘Private Mode’ Coming To Fx 3.1

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2008 by El Guru in Browsers, Firefox, Fx 3.5, Google, IE, Mozilla News

Due to the recent release of Google’s Chrome browser with InCognito and Microsoft’s IE8 Beta 2 with InPrivate modes, Mozilla has opted to make ‘private mode’ an immediate addition to he upcoming Firefox 3.1 due out early next year. In fact we could see a working version (with user interface) of ‘private mode’ as early as the Beta 1 release due out next month. Private mode is not that relatively new as Safari has had this option since version 2 released about 3 years ago. However besides Firefox, Opera does not currently offer a ‘private mode’ feature.

In private mode, all user activity involving data such as searches, visited web pages, downloads, cached pages, credentials passed to restricted sites, etc. is discarded once the user returns to normal mode

Private Mode specifications

No word yet on what kind of user interface (see Chrome’s & IE8’s below) or for that matter what kinda catchy name is going to be used for Firefox 3.1’s ‘private mode’ Although a few have been suggested in the article’s comments on Mozilla Links including ‘Ninja Mode’, ‘InSecret’ and ‘SmokeScreen’

Chrome's InCognito Mode

IE8 Beta InPrivate Mode

IE8 Beta InPrivate Mode

News Source: Mozilla Links

  1. Stifu says:

    I vote for “Ninja Mode”! That’d be cool.

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