Posted: Saturday, June 21, 2008 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0, Mozilla News

There had already been talks about a delay of a day or two from the planned June 24th release date for Firefox Originally this was due to slow check-in on patches which had delayed the initial code freeze.  However, because of the Firefox 3 Vulnerability from earlier this week (that also affects Firefox 2), the release schedule for Firefox now has the final release as July 1st.

A re-spin was done on Friday (June 20th) and the new version will go back to Builds and QA on Monday (June 23rd).  If all goes well it should be out on the Beta Channel sometime Wednesday (June 25th) and released on July 1st.

  1. […] L’èxit que ha tingut el Firefox 3 no ens ha de fer oblidar les actualitzacions de seguretat. El Firefox havia de sortir el 24 de juny, però el més possible és que s’ajorni la data de llançament a l’1 de juliol. No sabem si sol·lucionarà la vulnerabilitat trobada fa poc que afectava el Firefox 2 i el 3. Font: Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog (1) […]

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