Shredder (Thunderbird) 3.0a1 Released

Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 by El Guru in 3 (Shredder), Blogs, Mozilla News, Thunderbird

Mozilla Messaging has just released the first Alpha of Thunderbird 3.0 aka Shredder. This developmental release of Thunderbird can be downloaded here.

News Source: David Ascher

  1. Der Thunderbird 3 hat was echt gutes…

    Hallo zusammen,ich wollte mir in meiner freien Zeit jetzt (endlich) mal einen Thunderbird selbst kompilieren. Nachdem das mit der Thunderbird 3 Version nicht geklappt hat, habe ich mir die aktuelle alpha vom Thunderbird 3 mal runtergeladen. Nur um zu…

  2. markzenegar says:

    Small brother of Firefox, Thunderbird has not met the same success. An interface austere and competition from webmail (Gmail, Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail …) and software like Outlook and Outlook Express (Windows Mail) has been a brake on its development. But the Mozilla Foundation does not give up, and the release candidate (RC) 1 version 3.0 proves that the publisher has turned a corner with a host of new features, some of which are unpublished in the message. For more you may visit at:

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