Microsoft/Yahoo: Rumor Has It…

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by El Guru in Blogs, Microsoft, Yahoo

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the Microsoft Board is meeting today in regards to their possible take-over of Yahoo!

The people say that it’s unclear what final approach Microsoft will take, but that discussions between the two companies have been stymied by a stark divide on price. Microsoft has said privately in recent days that it’s willing to offer as much as $32 or $33 a share, well above the $29.12-a-share value of its original cash-and-stock offer as of Tuesday’s market close, these people say. But major Yahoo shareholders have signaled they want in the range of $35 to $37 a share, with Yahoo’s management and board similarly shooting for an offer in the upper $30s…

There also word Yahoo! is still considering possible ventures with AOL or Google. Today Yahoo! stock has been trading between $26.76 and $27.78 per share while Microsoft has been between $28.51 and $29.21 per share.

News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog

  1. sim says:

    if yahoo had half a brain they would tag team with AOL and ressurect netscape and use the netscape yahoo connection to become a threat to the ie/ msn

  2. […] that Microsoft would simply walk away from the deal. But then on Wednesday, it was reported the Microsoft Board was meeting about the possible acquisition. Then late Thursday there was the possibly Microsoft was going to […]

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