Update: New AMO Launched

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 by El Guru in Add-ons, Blogs, Firefox

Just a quick addendum to the earlier post: New AMO Launched. Basil Hashem who is part of the AMO Team added a comment in reference to the inability to install incompatible add-ons:

Try visiting the “Advanced Details” section and take a look at the Complete Version History link – it includes all available versions and doesn’t do the smart detection so that testers, developers and others can download any version of an add-on (for whatever OS platform and edition of Firefox) you want without the hassle.

Here is an example:


Now I can understand the justification for keeping this section collapsed by default, since everyday Firefox users really won’t have a need to go here. There is also a link to the add-on Developer’s Home Page in this section as well.

  1. WindBlade says:

    That seems to be okay
    But I hate it that when I do a search, I am unable to sort by Name or sort by Latest Updated or something..
    As of now, when doing a search, it seems to sort by popularity..

    Also, I can’t seem to browse the latest updated or newest added Addons…

    Wonder if there are solutions for both of these problems.. :)

  2. […] not address issue #3 and may be partially #1. In regards to #2, The Guru addressed this in the post Update: New AMO Launched, in that by expanding the ‘Advanced Details’ section users would be able to access […]

  3. […] The Guru made his intentions know he was going to be making the Switch to Fx 3.0 later that month. Finally, on March 25th Mozilla released Firefox Also in March was some much needed news about Thunderbird. Starting March 4th and every Tuesday thereafter are the new Thunderbird Status Meeting. Notes from this first meeting include an updated list of Thunderbird 3 Features. In mid March David Ascher announced New Thunderbird Engineers had joined the Mozilla Messaging team. The end of March marked the New AMO Launch. An alert reader pointed out a couple things I had managed to overlook which I touched on in a quick addendum post. […]

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