Firefox 3 to be Released In June?

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News

Back on December 8th, 2006, Firefox 3 Alpha 1 was released. Over the next nearly year and half, Places have been added, removed, then added, then removed and finally put back into the builds. Now comes word that the final release could come as early as June 2008. Percy from Mozilla Links writes:

Mozilla VP of Engineering, Mike Schroepfer, has confirmed that the final release of Firefox 3, currently in Beta 4 stage, is expected for June, a full quarter later than the latest estimate and some nine months past the original.

Looking back at the Mozilla Ships Alpha Release of Firefox 3.0 post, the first thing you will notice was the sub-headline:

Final version still a year away, developers say.

June is really not all that unrealistic given Beta 5 is suppose to the be the last of the Betas and released early in April. This would give Mozilla almost 3 months (should they release at the very end of June) to go through the (2 or 3) release candidates builds and then ship the final Firefox 3 product. On a side note as I did with Firefox 2 Beta 2 (the least Beta build), I will start using Firefox 3, Beta 5 as my primary browser once it is release.


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