Firefox 3.0b3 Released

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News

Mozilla has released Beta 3 of Firefox 3. The next milestone will be the Beta 4. Don’t have any information at this time on a release date for this milestone or the final Firefox 3. Here is a look back at the Firefox 3 Milestones:

  • Fx 3.0a1/Gecko 1.9a1 – December 8th, 2006
  • Fx 3.0a2/Gecko 1.9a2 – February 7th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a3/Gecko 1.9a3 – March 23rd, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a4/Gecko 1.9a4 – April 27th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a5/Gecko 1.9a5 – June 6th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a6/Gecko 1.9a6 – July 2nd, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a7/Gecko 1.9a7 – August 3rd, 2007
  • Fx 3.0a8/Gecko 1.9a8 – September 20th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0b1/Gecko 1.9b1 – November 19th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0b2/Gecko 1.9b2 – December 18th, 2007
  • Fx 3.0b3/Gecko 1.9b3 – February 12th, 2008

Once we get through the Beta milestones (not sure if Beta 4 is going to be the last) then the next set will be the Release Candidates (RC) and after that would be the final release. So far have not had much success locating an updated Firefox 3 Road map. Everything I found so far just goes up to Beta 2. Hopefully once Beta 4 comes out in the next month or so, we will have a better idea of the final release schedule.

For those of you who want to try this out, do so at your own risk as this still a work in progress. Consider creating a new profile before trying to test this build. You can download it from Mozilla here.

  1. Leonardo says:

    When is the new Vista look going to happen?

  2. Sinklar says:

    It seems it’s planned for Beta 4. ;)

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