Review: Organize Search Engines

Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2008 by El Guru in Add-ons, Firefox, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0

One of the nice features with Firefox is allowing you to add multiple search engines to your search bar. Since the introduction of this feature, more and more sites have added this functionality. As a result some users are bound to have a lot of search engines in their list. This is good and bad. Good in that you have plenty of search engines to choose from when you want to search; bad if you have so many search engines your drop down practically goes off the screen and you have to hunt down the search engine you wanted to use. Organize Search Engines solves this problem by allowing you to create folders (like you do for your bookmarks). Once you install the extension, simply go to your search bar and select from the drop-down ‘Manage Search Engines…‘ A new widow titled Manage Search Engine List will open an interface very similar to that of the Organize Bookmarks.

Keep in mind the Organize Search Engines extension is more designed for those ‘power users’ who have a lot of search engines. For the casual Firefox users with only a few search engines this extension is not very practical. I can confirm it plays well with SearchLoad Options extension and the developer has a list of other search related extensions that this does work with. However there may be some search related extensions that are not compatible with this extension. Should you run into an issue, you are urged to e-mail the developer with this information.

Organize Search Engines works with Firefox 2.0.0.X up through 3.0b3pre and is about 74K.

News Source: Learn Firefox

  1. Sam says:

    And I discovered tonight that even MORE search engines could be found at

    I used the URL search option and was able to add Search to my search bar.

    Neat! :)

  2. test says:

    I found the “Organize Search Engines” will crash the portable Firefox 3.1a2pre here each time I change the search engine. Could you kindly taka a look at it? THX.

  3. […] Organize Search Engines, allowed Firefox users with lots of search engines a better management system to keep their search engines organized. Think of the Manage Bookmarks functionality, except for search engines.  […]

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