Blog Year in Review: December 2007

Posted: Tuesday, January 1, 2008 by El Guru in Year In Review

December, for the most part was a rather uneventful month (other than the Blog Year In Review). The only big news was the (premature) release of Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 about a week before Christmas. I still say the developers should have held out until after the holidays. The Guru did review a couple add-ons, Locator and a really cool and revolutionary ‘theme’ extension called Personas. While on the subject of add-ons did you know both Firefox and Thunderbird have a ‘hidden’ feature that adds an ‘install button’ to the add-ons manager? You ask, and you shall receive. The Guru, upon request provided a list of his extensions. Albeit this list was bit shorter than it was a couple months ago when I was still using my XP system.

JustZisGuy at Spread Firefox has copied Firefox onto floppies. Also over on Spread Firefox were Fx Holiday Wallpapers. We also added a new Firefox related Blog to our Blogroll. Learn Firefox, a sister blog of CyberNet News was added very recently.Finally what has become a monthly tradition some Get a Mac ads:

  • Get a Mac: Misprint – PC responds to the recent PC World Article which said Macs were the fastest machines when it comes to running Vista.
  • Get a Mac: Now What? – PC has written a couple self-help books
  • Get a Mac: Holiday Ad – A different variation on the holiday classic Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

That pretty much wraps up the 2007 Blog Year In Review. For 2008….wait this just in…AOL has announced it is ending support for Netscape in February. I am sure there will be more news on this as we get closer. Anyway, for 2008 The Guru plans for the blog:

  • Firefox 3. I am waiting for Beta 3 to come out later in January and I will start trying to use it as my primary browser
  • Thunderbird. With all that has with Thunderbird this year with the transition to MailCo and the departure of a couple of the original developers, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with Thunderbird 3
  • Add-ons reviews. After all I am the ‘Extension Guru’
  • Get-A-Mac ads. I’ll keep posting them as they offer a nice escape from the at times mundane Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird topics. Besides, Macs can run Firefox too.
  • Theme and Structure. The current layout and theme seem to be working well for this blogs. I don’t foresee any changes in the near future (of course last time I said that I created the new logo).
  • Integration with the discussion forum. Commenting on the article is good, but it is hard to keep track of the comments as the post gets older and the blog grows.
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