Weekly Update 2007-09-10

Posted: Monday, September 10, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News, Thunderbird

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx – Still on-going bug triage
    • Tentative code freeze 9/21
    • Release scheduled for 10/4
  • Fx 15012-2006 Major Update
    • Testing nearly done.
    • Scheduled for this Wednesday 9/12
  • TBird – No Report
  • TBird – No Report
  • TBird Major Update (TBird >
  • TBird 3No Report
  • Fx3
    • Places
      • Unified search in location bar
        • search on full URL, title and tags
      • Saved search support (bookmarks and history)
    • Addons
      • Enforcing secure extension updates
    • Protocol Handling
      • Building on feed handling (web/local handlers)
        • Test webapp for calendaring being set up to test
      • New Applications tab in preferences
        • Will hook into app selector on Windows in M9
    • Test Development
      • Continuing to plan and develop Places testing [abillings, tracy]
      • CCS tests: Completed most of the tests for bug 315920 – attribute and event state change optimizations in nsCSSStyleSheet assume changes are sequential [ctalbert]
      • Planning testing for Location Bar and Tabbed Browsing, and verified Location Bar bugs [stephend]
      • Wrote more Download Manager testcases [stephend]
      • 80% completion of Addons Test Plan [tchung]
      • Created a Vista specific Firefox 3 plan. This is part of the OS Integration feature. [marcia]
      • Sent out first draft of Firefox 3 Test Strategy to QA team for review.

Complete meeting notes.


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