Netscape 9.0b2 Released

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2007 by El Guru in Add-ons, Browsers, Firefox, Releases

The next milestone in the Netscape 9.0 series, Beta 2 was release late last week. Netscape 9.0 is based off of Firefox (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070710 Firefox/ Navigator/9.0b2).

I have used Netscape 8 in the past and had found it to be very unstable, so I was not sure what to expect with Netscape 9. I played with it for a couple hours this morning and much to my surprise it was very stable (never even crashed :( ), even on Delphi Forums where some ads would cause Netscape 8 to crash.

Being Netscape 9 is built off Firefox 2.0, it has many of the features you have to come expect with Firefox 2:

  • Undo Close Tab
  • Session Restore
  • Inline Spell Checking
  • Search Engine Manager
  • Add-Ons Manager (most Fx 2 extensions work in Netscape 9

However, there is one big thing about Netscape 9 that really sets it apart from Firefox 2: Close Tab Buttons. Kudos to the Netscape developers for acknowledging the frustrations experienced by many Firefox 2 users when it comes to the close tab buttons. Unlike Firefox 2, Netscape 9 will only place the close tab button the active tab by default. I checked the settings in about:config for the browser.tabs.closeButtons preference and it is set to ‘0’ (active tab only) by default. However, like Firefox 2 there is still not a preference setting so the only way to change this is via about:config.

I mentioned earlier Netscape 9 allows you to use most Firefox 2 extensions. From the Netscape Extensions Page:

The largest repository for browser addons is Most of the addons hosted there were built for official Mozilla® products, but because Netscape Navigator 9 is based on the latest Mozilla technologies, the extensions should work with Netscape Navigator as well. (If an extension is compatible with Firefox® 2, you will be able to install it in Navigator 9.) Themes must be explicitly designed for Netscape Navigator 9.

Further, any extension that works in Netscape 9 will work in Firefox 2. That makes sense given a Fx 2 extension will work in Netscape. I didn’t really understand this since I was not aware of any extensions that were specifically developed for Netscape 9. However there was link to Netscape’s profile on AMO which includes four Netscape based extensions.

News Source: Netscape Blog

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