Weekly Update 2007-06-18

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 1.5, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News, Thunderbird

Here’s an overview of today’s (06/18) Weekly Update meeting (items in purple are noteworthy):

  • Fx – Major Update ( > still scheduled for Thursday (06/21)
  • Fx – ??? I think that was a typo as is the last release on the 1.5 branch
  • Fx – Next regularly scheduled release on the 2.0 branch. Daily triage meetings at 10am PDT (650-903-0800, 91#, 262#). Tuesday (06/19) discussion on the release schedule
  • Fx 3.0:
  • Places (Places team)
    • tagging backend landed
    • Dan Mills (thunder) demoed bookmark sync at Developer Day Tokyo
    • plenty of discussion about UI in dev.apps.firefox, please jump in
    • team is basically heads down working on A6 blockers
  • Download Manager (sdwilsh)
    • Working on finalizing the spec for revised UI
  • Password Manager (dolske)
    • Next up: FillDocument() cleanup (bug 380222), mconnor or gavin to review
  • web-based content handlers (dmose)
    • backend refactoring patch done, awaiting review
    • UI mockups in dev.apps.firefox for those interested
  • Site-specific prefs (myk)
    • New patch posted for persisting text zoom, mconnor on hook for review
    • New quit dialog (mwu)
      • Gives the option to save session, and closes all windows at once
      • Addresses problems with onbeforeunload handlers (Zimbra)
      • Still working out a couple kinks
    • Addons Manager (Rob Strong, Mossop, mwu)
    • better l10n support (bug 257155), waiting on review
    • backend for unifying plugin management (bug 382367)
  • Malware (johnath, campd)
    • UI work (modification to netError to support more aggressive styling) should be patch-ready by EOD Monday (bug 380932).
  • Identity UI (johnath)
    • Transitioning add-on code to patch. (bug 383183)
  • HTTPS Error Pages (johnath)
    • Still trying to close on the specific dialogs that should be replaced with error pages, and on what mechanisms need to be added to allow trusting of sites with broken certs. (bug 327181).
  • A6 Status
    • Still 62 blockers, need to retriage this week, please help out if you can
  • Gecko 1.9a:
  • Jason Orendorff starting today.
  • Everyone is heads down, focusing on blockers.
  • Textframe Enabling on Trunk.
  • Need people to find and fix leaks. See: dbaron’s blog entry
  • libxul was enabled last week (but backed out for mac only).
  • TBird – Mentioned but no discussion at this time
  • TBird – Released on Thursday (06/14)
  • TBird 3:

    Everyone is still focused on moving mailnews to frozen linkage. Currently working on removing nsHashTable.h support from mailnews, exposing NS_EscapeURL through nsINetUtil, and finding a replacement for nsTextFormatter.

Complete meeting notes


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