Ubuntu Sound Issues

Posted: Saturday, May 26, 2007 by El Guru in Blogs, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Ubuntu

Last night I mentioned in the Mounting ‘Data’ Drive & Other Ubuntu Stuff post was having trouble playing music in Rythmbox or Totem when doing anything in Fx3a5pre. So this morning I was going to try using Fx and see if it made a difference. However, when I directly booted (from when I turned the machine on) into Ubuntu, I didn’t have any sound. This has happened a couple nights ago but then last night it was fine. FWIW, below is my Sound Preferences screen. I am using a Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI512 and I also have (but I believe it is disabled) an on board sound card with the motherboard. Clicking test brings up the ‘Testing’ Dialog box, but no sound. According to Ubuntu volume is on I have adjusted all the way up and still no sound. Anyone have any suggestions? Of course the next time I boot-up into Ubuntu I will likely have sound.

Ubuntu Sound Preferences Screen

  1. i have same sound troubles until i read…


    BE CAREFULL! don’t know how to “go back”. but now i have sound even multiples sounds.

    i like to mention that some programs i had to configure just a little in order to take the new audio configuration, and others like xmms didn’t know how to configure with pulseaudio (anyway xmms is an old software).

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