A New Spam Milestone

Posted: Saturday, May 19, 2007 by El Guru in Blog News

I haven’t even been on WordPress a year yet. Earlier today Akismet caught the 10,000th spam comment! I knew my blog was popular among the Fx & TBird community but it also seems to be popular place for spammers to try to advertise anything from Rx Drugs, Male Enhancement Products, Fake Watches, Furniture, Cars and just about anything else you could think of.
However, this would be a good time to point out that I have no longer have the time to go through the hundreds of comments that Akismet catches daily and remove any legitimate comments that may have been tagged as spam. So if you have left a comment and you don’t see after a couple days, use the Contact Us Link above. Indictae in the message the date and which post you were commenting on and then I’ll take a look and see if I can find and de-spam your comment.

Edit: The Akismet counter stops at 9,999 and I am not sure why. Makes me wonder if most blogs don’t see this mass amount of spam…

Edit2: In Ubuntu (yes I am back in!) it now showing over 10K spam comments blocked.


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