Trying Ubuntu Very Soon!

Posted: Monday, May 7, 2007 by El Guru in CyberNet, Other, Ubuntu

Over the weekend while I was at my local Wal Mart (aka Evil Empire) store I stopped in the electronics department and noticed they had some 80 GB internal hard drives on clearance. I decided since they still had a few left and this is not something that is going to go flying off the shelf, I would wait until this weekend. Last night I found an even better deal. I was asking some Questions about installing Ubuntu on the CyberNet Forum. Later that evening I got a message from one my friends over there offering to send to me for FREE two hard drives that he wasn’t using any more. If I can recall, one is 120 GB and the other is 160 GB. Currently all I have is a 30 GB (which Windows is under-reporting as 27 GB).

So even if I don’t get to use Ubuntu, the extra space is much needed. He is suppose to send the via US Mail today so hopefully they will arrive by mid week and may be this weekend I’ll get them installed (will have to do some creative rearranging and connecting in my case, but I can get them in there). Then I will give Ubuntu a try.

  1. erzwan says:

    Happy Ubunting. Really good distro with great community support…

  2. Santy says:

    hey congrats it is fun to work on Ubuntu but it need time to work on it and understand the application but for a couple to day it will seems odd to work but later u will find interesting to work on it
    have fun with Ubuntu.

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