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Dell + Ubuntu &

Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 by El Guru in Blogs, Firefox, Links, Microsoft, Other, Thunderbird, Ubuntu, Vista

Over the past few weeks I been following the news that Dell is now offering on some new systems with Ubuntu (Linux) and instead of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Today I came across the article Microsoft you had a good run over at One Post At a Time:

It seems Microsoft & Windows had a good run for last possible 20 years but as always change happens and seems its Microsoft time to say we give up

Microsoft Windows Vista have been latest problem for Microsoft as so many people have said bad things about it – software or hardware problems.

I have to agree about Windows Vista, besides being way over-priced at ~$160* Home Basic to ~$400* Home Premium you need a DVD-ROM drive. Then there are the compatibility issues, case in point see: How to Install Windows Vista. If you have Windows Vista then you will also want to get Office 2007 which will run you anywhere from $150* Home/Student to ~$700* Ultimate.

For the basic home user Windows Vista and Office 2007 is going to set you back a little over $300*. Now, Ubuntu and will set you back $0! Even better, both Ubuntu and OpenOffice are open source meaning there are literally thousands of people are constantly working on, maintaining and improving these applications (much like Fx & TBird). Ubuntu on average is updated (new version) about every six months and they are always free!

In the next couple months I plan on adding a new hard drive to my system (amazing how 5 years ago 30 GB seemed so huge) and after some much needed housekeeping I am going to attempt to setup dual partitions. My goal is to setup a dual boot Windows XP/Ubuntu system so I can start trying out Ubuntu.

Now, I want to get back to Dell offering Ubuntu…Dell is one (if not the) largest mail-order computer suppliers. In February Dell setup IdeaStorm as a way for customers to contribute ideas for product development. The biggest request was for Dell to offer Linux instead of Windows Vista on their desktops and notebooks. This is very interesting and dramatic change in the OS market. People are finally realizing they have a choice, they don’t have (and don’t want) to settle for Microsoft applications. Even Michael Dell uses Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn on his Dell Precision M90 notebook!

* Windows Vista & Office 2007 pricing based on base (non-sale) prices.


Mozilla’s support policy is an older version (in this case 1.5) of an application will (normally) be support for six months after the release of the new version. However there are exceptions, take for instance Firefox 1.5. Given this rule, support should have ended back on April 24th. However the final build ( was not ready as anticipated so support will officially end when is released on or around May 22nd.

On April 18th, Thunderbird 2 was released which means support for Thunderbird 1.5 will end on October 18th. Keep in mind TBird will be released the same time Fx comes out.

Now, some folks are wondering what exactly happens once support “ends” for Firefox 1.5? Simply put, Mozilla will no longer provide security and other updates for this version. You will still be able to get general support from the mozillaZine forums (note: mozillaZine is NOT part of the Mozilla Foundation). However, Mozilla (and as do I) recommend you upgrade Firefox 2. If some of new “features” of Firefox 2 are not to your liking such as say the new Close Tab Buttons, check out our Fx 2.0 Tweaks Guide.

Weekly Update 2007-04-30

Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 1.5, Fx 2.0, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News, Thunderbird

Okay, so this is a day late. I had the rare event of having a three-day weekend this past weekend so I kept thinking today was Monday. Anyway here is the latest from this week’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Fx – Code freeze was last Friday (04/27). RC1 should be out Tuesday (05/01) morning. Estimated Release: May 22nd.
    REMINDER: Fx 1.5.0.X users is the last update and end of support for this version
  • Thunderbird 2 – Released April 18th. ~1 Million Downloads within first six days!
  • Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 – Alpha 4 released on April 27th. Alpha 5 should have Places and may be Break Pad as well. User Interface changes besides Places will include Password Manager. Set Release: May 31st

Don’t forget to check out our Upcoming Releases section for a comprehensive list of upcoming Fx and TBird releases.