Firefox 3 Updated Roadmap

Posted: Friday, April 27, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.0

It appears Mozilla has made some major updates to the Firefox 3 Roadmap. One of the most noticeable is actual release dates (example Fx 3.0a5 is due out on May 31st) for each milestone no more of this beginning/mid/end of whatever month type of release dates. Further there is a lot more info as to what is coming which each milestone:

  • Alpha 5 – May 31st – Reintegration of Places, Idenity Framework (CardSpace support)
  • Alpha 6 – June 28th – More integration of Places including adding tagging feature, download manager improvements, updates to Cairo and Cocoa Widgets on Mac OS X
  • Beta 1 – July 31st – All new features frozen and User Interface changes in place
  • Beta 2 – September 2007

Thanks to Claus for the tip!

New Source: mozilla wiki

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  2. Andrew Isaak says:

    Hey the updated Firefox release schedule (from

    Firefox 3 alpha 8: Out now
    “m9”: around Oct 17th (alpha 9 or beta 1)
    “m10”: mid November (probably beta 1 or 2)

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