Airbag is now Breakpad

Posted: Friday, March 30, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 3.0, Mozilla News

It has been a little over six-months since we posted about Airbag (Airbag coming soon to Mozilla Applications) which was suppose to replace Talkback. Airbag wasn’t implemented in Fx 2 and until the Alpha 3 release wasn’t in Gran Paradiso (Fx 3) either. The crash reporting tool formerly known as Airbag is now called breakpad (no, not brakepad) and is still in development. Look for a fully developed version in the final release of Firefox 3 later this summer (or fall).

News Source: Mozilla Links

  1. […] Breakpad has now replaced the old Talkback in all nightly builds as well in the 1.9a6 (Fx 3) builds. […]

  2. […] TBird 3 – Begin phasing out the old Talkback on this weeks trunk builds. Will be replaced with Breakpad […]

  3. […] crash reporting tool/utility, Airbag (formerly Talk Back) has been rename to Breakpad. Expect to see this fully function in the final releases of Firefox 3 (due out sometime). Then […]

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