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Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 1.5, Fx 2.0, Mozilla News

Last night I mentioned about the upcoming release (either this week or next week) for Fx & builds to address some serious regressions. Here is some more detailed information about these four regressions.

  1. Bug 370136 prevents Firefox from automatically obtaining a certificate when there are two or more valid certificates for a website. This bug has been fixed
  2. Bug 371525 is a result of the change in the way password manager works in the new Fx builds. This is regression is not a security issue, just an annoyance. If you have multiple accounts for a site, the password manager doesn’t insert any password in the password field after selecting the desired username in the username field. This bug has also been fixed.
  3. Bug 371576 is for Fx only and is said this build causes Backbase (a set of Ajax based web user interface elements) sites to break. There was some debate as if this was limited to Mac builds and there were also some scattered reports that this affected Fx as well. This bug has been fixed.
  4. Finally, Bug 371309 involves custom builds and prevents distributors’ to set a custom homepage because the migration wizard overwrites it. This bug was fixed late last night in time for the code freeze tonight.

Since all four bugs have been fixed in time for tonight’s code freeze, expect RC tomorrow for both versions. Since this is relatively small amount of fixes it is possible we could see Fx & as early as Friday (03/09) but I am thinking next Tuesday (03/13).

News Source:Mozilla Links

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