Get a Mac: Cancel or Allow?

Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2007 by El Guru in Get A Mac, Vista

With the recent release of Windows Vista, comes a new PC vs MAC ad demonstrating the new security feature of Windows Vista.

Now imagine if you would trying to install, setup and run Firefox on Windows Vista…
You are about to install a non-Microsoft application (Mozilla Firefox).
Cancel or Allow?
You are about to run a non-Microsoft application (firefox.exe).
Cancel or Allow?
You are trying to use a non-Microsoft web browser (Mozilla Firefox) to connect to the Internet.
Cancel or Allow?
You are about to make a non-Microsoft web browser (Mozilla Firefox) your default browser.
Cancel or Allow?
You are about to uninstall Windows Vista!
Cancel or Allow?

  1. robertjvan says:

    ALLOW! :O)

  2. writer-robin says:

    That is some seriously funny stuff!

  3. just some impartial guy says:

    Ever thought about the possibility of turning that feature off when you dont need it?

  4. Tsolum says:

    If you were to turn it off you would defeat Microsofts security features, makes it kind of useless feature then does’t it. So why put it the feature in the OS in the first place.

  5. that's the ad said says:

    you are come to a sad realization, cancel or allowed

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