Thunderbird 2.0b2 Released

Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by El Guru in Blogs, Mozilla News, Releases, Thunderbird

Earlier this week the next Thunderbird 2 milestone, Beta 2 was released. We are getting closer to the final release of Thunderbird 2. According to the Roadmap, the estimated release is first quarter 2007. Given how late into January we are and also that there will still be a couple release candidates, I am going to guesstimate the final release sometime in March.

New features with Thunderbird 2:

  • Visual Refresh (new look)
  • Improved Message Notification
  • Message Tags
  • Folder Summary Popups*
  • Tabbed Message*

* Still in development

News Source: mozillaZine



  1. […] of Thunderbird, Thunderbird 2, Beta 2 came out in the second half of January. During that time I was still doing the nightly builds of […]

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