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Firefox 2.0: Undo Closed Tab Tip

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0, Tips & Tweaks

Firefox 2

With Firefox 2, Undo Close Tab is a standard feature. While you can undo a close tab by right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting ‘Undo Close Tab’ from the context menu. However, this reopens the last closed tab and you will have to repeat this until you have reopened the desired tab.

Tip: Hidden in the History Menu is the option, Recently Closed Tabs. When selected, it opens a sub-menu with a list of all your recently closed tabs. Simply highlight the tab you wish to reopen or you can select ‘Open All in Tabs’.


Firefox & IE7 Force Feeding

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox

On Wednesday, November 1st, IE6 users may begin to get force-fed IE7 via Windows Updates. If you don’t want to be force-fed IE7 here a few things you can do:

  • Don’t install SP2 for Windows XP
  • Remove or don’t install WGA
  • Select the options to review before installing Windows Updates
  • Follow the steps in my How to Block IE7 Auto-Update post

Also on Wednesday, Firefox is tentatively scheduled for release While this build will be mostly bug and regressions fixes, it is going to implement the minor/major upgrade feature. If you are waiting on installing Firefox 2 until the ‘dust settles’ then upgrade to this version. By upgrading to Firefox you will be notified or auto-upgraded (major) to Firefox 2 when Mozilla activates this feature (sometime after the Firefox build is released).

If you chose to decline the upgrade to Firefox 2 you will not be prompted to upgrade to Firefox 2 again. Note: You can always upgrade on your own by downloading Firefox 2 and installing it yourself. Once you decline the Firefox 2 (major) upgrade, you will instead be notified or auto-updated (if enabled) to the next (minor) upgrade for that build (if there is one it would be Firefox

Tip: If you want control (prompted vs auto-updated) over Firefox updates follow these directions:

  1. From Tools Menu, select ‘Options…
  2. Click the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Update tab below
  4. Look for ‘When updates to Firefox are found: ‘ and be sure the button for ‘Ask me what I want to do‘ is clicked