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Spread Firefox 2

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0

Firefox 2


With the release of Firefox 2, comes all new cool Spread Firefox icons! Presently there are seven different icons to choose from ranging in size from small buttons to full size banners. Check out The Affiliates Homepage: Spread Firefox.

Fx 2.0: Removing The Search ‘Go’ Button

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0, Tips & Tweaks

Firefox 3 Users: Fx 3.0: Removing The Search ‘Go’ Button

Cookiemonster asked in the Removing ‘Go’ Button post how to remove the search button (magnifying glass) from the search bar. I didn’t understand that question as I didn’t have a magnifying glass. Then tonight a member on Go Firefox! asked me the same question. What I didn’t realize was the tip I posted for removing the ‘Go’ Button was the about:config tweak. However, the way I removed the ‘Go’ Button was via an entry in my userChrome.css file. While I was looking more into this matter I got an e-mail notification of a new comment. The comment from activetrash, just happen to be an answer to this very question. Turns out this can be done by adding a new entry into the userChrome.css file.

The userChrome.css file is located in the Chrome folder in your profile folder and can be edited with notepad. I would though recommend getting the ChromEdit Plus extension as this makes this process so much easier.

    To remove the search button (magnifying glass) add this line:
    .search-go-button-stack { display: none !important; }

    To remove the ‘Go’ Button on the navigation bar add this line:
    #go-button-stack { display: none !important; }

    If you also want to remove the search engine drop-down button as this line:
    .searchbar-engine-button { display: none !important }

After you have made the change and saved your userChrome.css file, you will need to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect. Thanks again to activetrash for these great tips!