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Posted: Monday, October 23, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 2.0, Tips & Tweaks

The new inline spell checker introduced with Firefox 2 is set by default only to check multi-line text areas. What this means is if the text area is a single line (example on Delphi Forums, message and poll titles are a single line text area) you must manually select Spell check this field from the context menu. This can be fixed with a simple modification to about:config.

  • Click the about:config button (if about:config extension is installed) or open a new tab and type about:config in the address bar and press enter
  • In the filter field type layout.spellcheckDefault
  • Double-click on the entry and in the pop-box enter 2
  • Click OK
  1. […] WordPress recently released version 2.0.5 with a number of fixes — details on Mark Jacquith’s blog but we are going to have to wait for version 2.1 to contain a built in spellchecker. Previously I had recommended editor monkey for a plugin solution for wordpress. However Editor Monkey is fairly bloated and causes a number of conflicts with other wordpress features so sadly i can no longer endorse it. So…while we wait for v2.1 I have a suggestion in the spellchecker dept. Rather than rely on a plugin for a specific application like wordpress why not leverage the available options in new browsers? For the PC, I must admit I’ve been using Mozilla’s Firefox as my browser since v1.0 in late 2004. Previous to that I was still using another Mozilla product as my primary web browser. I had my reasons — primarily centering on security and a richer feature set as well as a stricter adherence to web standards than Internet Explorer but as a web developer I’ve always had to keep working with IE throughout the years because of its broad user base. IE has clearly been the world’s browser of choice. Of course a big part of that is because most folks are not comfortable with trying a different browser and IE is sufficient for their needs. Regardless of reasons, current market share stats show that Internet Explorer is the most extensively used browser. According to Onestat.com IE currently stands at 85.9%. Its actually jumped a little bit after a steady stream of firefox adopters over the last couple of years. The jump was because late last month Microsoft made some big news with their release of Internet Explorer 7, IE’s first major release since 2001! Many nice enhancements, a reduction in its memory leak problem and some fixes to previous misinterpretations to web standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium. The same week, the Mozilla foundation released Firefox 2.0. Well, its faster, has an even greater feature set than v1.5 and more security. The entire feature set is listed here. But this is not about being preachy. Use the browser that you are comfortable with. In the end your comfort level is the most important thing. However I want to note that one really useful feature relevant to our current discussion is the Inline Spell Checker in Firefox 2.0. Basically this is activated for any web based form including the compose post field in WordPress. You get a familiar red underline for misspelled words, and a right click allows you to either select from a list of suggestions or the ability to ‘add to dictionary,’ a nice adaptive feature. One note — the feature is only activated on a multi-line text area. If you wish to activate it for one line fields as well, use this suggestion from Firefox Extension Guru. For those of you who are content with IE and don’t feel the need to jump ship you still have a couple of good options. 1. The google toolbar has a nice spellcheck feature. In fact it even has an ‘autofix’ option that in one click fixes all your errors. 2. The IESpell extension for Internet Explorer. Its fast, free and adaptive. […]

  2. […] I found a note to a spell check tweak on Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog. This tweak turns the the spell checker on by default for single line entry. I thought this might be what was confusing Firefox while editing my WordPress blog. […]

  3. Sam Brown says:

    Hi there
    I just wanted to ask a quick question about Firefox’s spell check. When I write the word “travelled” it highlights it as
    a mistake. Travelled is as far as I know correct.
    The spell check does allow “Traveled” though (with a single
    “l”) – is this american spelling that I am unaware of, or a mistake in the words database?

    Many thanks

  4. @Sam
    Looks like one of those words that could be spelled either way. The more common spelling I have seen is ‘traveled’ although ‘travelled’ is correct as well. When I did a Google search with define: travelled it reverted it to travel.

  5. […] type layout.spellcheckDefault * Double-click on the entry and in the pop-box enter 2 * Click OK Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog Firefox 2.0: Spell Check Tweak Never believe anything until it’s been officially […]

  6. Leon says:

    I have the new fierfox, and speelcheck does not work. I can’t spell and I can;t find where to turn it on.

    I have done the mode you sugest but still no joy

  7. Paul says:

    Yeaj same problem. Whats going on with spell checker?

  8. Well that is odd, just had the same thing happen to me. They must have changed something in the coding of the Spellchecker when we went to I’ll take a look around and see what I can find. Now where did I put my To-Do list?

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  10. justin says:

    ya i just downloaded the and the spell checker to download wont work with it, even though it says 1.0+. If anyone finds one that works please let me know! I cant spell. lol

  11. Stewart says:

    Hi, I also had trouble with this, and drove me crazy for a while. The link for the dictionary is:https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:3 simply select your language, install it, restart Firefox, and the spell checker should now work.

  12. Jay says:

    Hows ‘Realised’ spelt guys or girls please?? Firefox’s spellchecker says it spelt.. ‘Realized’. Although I’m sure its with the ‘S’ and not the ‘Z’. Can someone comfirm this for me, all the best, Jay ( http://jay1971jay.stumbleupon.com/ )

  13. Francisco says:

    Thge british spelling is with an S, the american spelling is with a Z. So both are correct ;-)


  14. barnabasnagy says:

    Hey, thanks for the post! I was googling this because I wrote on the same topic (http://is.gd/jXH5) and then I found you. Keep up the good work!

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