Search Results In A New Tab

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 by El Guru in Fx 2.0, Tips & Tweaks

One thing that has annoyed me about Firefox 2 is search results (entered in the search box) open in current tab. With the Tabbrowser Preferences Extension in Firefox 1.5, I had it setup so the search results would open in a new tab. After some hunting in mozillaZine (Firefox 2.0 RC2 and Google) I found this result can be achieved in Firefox 2, with a simple about:config entry change:

  1. Access about:config via the extension button or by opening a new tab and typing about:config in the address bar
  2. Copy and paste into the filter field
  3. Double click the entry to that the value changes to true
  4. Close the tab or the about:config window.
  1. LouCypher says:

    You can use Alt+Enter as well to bring up the search results in a new tab.

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  3. MICHAEL says:

    THANKS!!! searched in google for solution and this was one of first to pop up…and it worked! sweet deal, i appreciate it.

  4. Axel says:

    Thanks for the about:config hint. I tried the Alt-Enter option and it didn’t worked for me … but Ctrl-Enter did it.

  5. Rajat says:

    It worked great!! Thanks a lot!!!

  6. […] how the search results are displayed. Note if you have previously used the method described in the Getting Your Search Results In New Tab article, you will find this is already setup. Note: New background tab means the search results are […]

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