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Firefox 2.0 RC2 Released Today

Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006 by El Guru in CyberNet, Firefox, Fx 2.0, Mozilla News

In an unexpected move, Mozilla has gone ahead and released Firefox RC2 today (3:00 PDT), just hours after releasing the second RC for this milestone. You can get your copy via the Mozilla FTP server or from CyberNet News >> Mozilla Jumps Ahead And Releases Firefox 2 RC2 Today

As of today there are 18 days left until the ‘projected’ release date for Firefox 2.0! But, Mozilla still plans on doing an RC3 before the final release. 18 days may not seem like enough time, but given how the RC milestones have been coming out, it is possible..

  • RC1 ~ September 27th
  • RC2 ~ October 6th

I would guess RC3 would have to come out some time around October 13th or 16th, to give Mozilla enough time to make sure everything is ready for the final version on the 24th. Now, should we start taking bets as to how soon after Firefox 2.0 is released, they will come out with 2.0.1 build?

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Update: YouTube by Google?

Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006 by El Guru in Blogs, Google, Links, Other

Earlier I had reported a possible e-mail rumor about Google in talks of acquiring YouTube. There has been a lot of talk about this from Wall Street Journal to many of the major tech blogs. So, this may be not just be a rumor after all. According to the Yahoo! article: Report: Google in talks to buy YouTube, “Representatives from Google and YouTube did not immediately return calls to The Associated Press.” It would seem to me if this were just a mere ‘rumor’ the AP would have heard back from one these two companies, even if it is just a simple generic ‘no comment as this time’ statement.

Ryan on CyberNet News >> Google To Buy YouTube = GooTube? brings up an interesting question in regards to Google business strategy if they were to go through with this:

“The primary question that I was asking myself was whether Google would keep the two video services separate or combine YouTube into Google Video. I would think that they would keep them separate just so YouTube users don’t get confused and leave, but I am sure that they would put Adsense on the page to help generate revenue. They may, however, allow users to cross-search both sites when they are performing a search to help increase the quality of the results that are returned.”

I have not done used (at least that I can recall) Google Video before, but have used YouTube on a handful of occasions. So I am not really able to give a fair evaluation as to which of the two ‘services’ would be the better. Although I think YouTube is much more popular as for now it is NOT part of Google or any other large portal service.

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YouTube by Google?

Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006 by El Guru in Blogs, Google, Other

There seems to be an e-mail rumor circulating that Google is going acquire YouTube for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.6 billion. This appears to be nothing more than just a rumor. Techcrunch » Completely Unsubstantiated Google/YouTube Rumor

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Firefox/Thunderbird Due Out Later

Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006 by El Guru in Firefox, Fx 1.5, Fx 2.0

The final releases in the Firefox & Thunderbird 1.5.0.X builds series will be released sometime after Firefox 2.0 which as of today is still October 24th.  Mozilla though is encouraging folks to move over the 2.0 build series since like the 1.0.X build series, there will no longer be any more updates on the 1.5.0.X build series after this release.

There are many great features (click links for related articles) in both Firefox 2.0 as well as Thunderbird 2.0 that they are worth upgrading to.  The Firefox 2.0 download is a little larger at 7MB compared to 5MB for 1.0.8 and, but you get so much more included with this newer version, the biggest being inline spellcheck and session management.

Once again to better confuse folks with odd naming Mozilla has released the second release candidate for Firefox 2.0 RC2 or better named as Firefox 2 RC2 RC2. This is the final testing version and today (10/6) is testing day for this RC. The live version should be due out on Tuesday, October 10th. You can get this trial version via the Mozilla FTP Servers or using Ryan’s Downloader Widget from CyberNet News >> Release Candidate Of Firefox 2 RC2 Available

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