IE Tab

Posted: Friday, June 2, 2006 by El Guru in Add-ons, Firefox, Fx 1.5, Fx 2.0, IE

Firefox continues to gain popularity and each day more and more sites are becoming Firefox friendly. HOWEVER, there are those sites such as Microsoft Windows Update that refuse to work with Firefox. When you come across a site such as this does it mean you need to open Internet Exploiter…I mean Explorer? Not necessarily, I would say 99% of the sites which are not Firefox friendly can be view within Firefox using the IE Tab Extension.

IE Tab is one of my must have extensions, right up there with Adblock Plus, CoLT, Greasemonkey, Spellbound Developmental (future blog entry) and Foxy Tunes. IE Tab opens Internet Explorer right in a Firefox Tab! This allows you to still view those pesky sites that don’t like Firefox. Once the extension is installed some new commands are added. In the context (right-click) menu, when you right-click either on the page or on a link, you will have the options ‘Open Link In IE Tab or View Page In IE Tab’ From the Tools Menu you will have the new item ‘IE Tab Options’

The IE Tab Options allows you to add or remove sites to a list to always be rendered (opened) in the embedded IE Tab. You can either type in the URL or if you navigate to the site you want it will be displayed in the URL box. I said that it works with 99% of the sites which want IE. The Narada Radio is part of that 1%, it plain out refused to work even in IE Tab. For that I had to have Internet Exploiter open. But for everything else that wants IE, IE Tab will work great for you.

IE Tab


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